Come and see the BitTorrent for your Bitcoins!

Photo: Patricia M, CC BY-SA 2.0 (Not changes made)

Christmas is just around the corner, and the agendas are filled up with social events for the holiday season. We are meeting up with friends and family, having dinners with colleagues and ex-colleagues… any excuse for a celebration is warmly welcomed. This year Coinffeine add another excuse for bitcoiners and developers; the launch of the Trial version. And since a next generation exchange platform for Bitcoin is not an everyday event, we hope that you can clear space in your already busy pre-holiday agendas.

We will celebrate our meetup Thursday 18th December at the very heart of the Letras neighborhood in Madrid. Those who come to the Impact Hub at 19.30, will see how the BitTorrent for your bitcoins actually work. And if you are interested in participating in our private testing, this is the place to be. We will give you the chance to try it for yourselves! The more of you that participate in this the better it is. The ten first advanced users that sign-up will leave the event with our software installed on their laptops, and we will gradually include more users as we advance in the process.

For us it is important that you play with the application, that you explore it, try it, leave it for a while, only to return to buy some more bitcoins. At this stage all your experiences, opinions and comments are valuable to us. It will help us to polish the application down to the very last line of code. Any thought or suggestion is useful. Do not worry about insisting on details, because patience has been one our trusted companions on this adventure…

We want to remark that it does not cost a penny to participate in the testing. We have been mining “bitcoins” from our own net for months, and the euros we give you are just mock-ups. So there are no excuses! Come and trade bitcoins for euros and vice versa with no strings attached! And for the ones of you that put in the most effort, we have prepared a small reward.

On top of this, we will share some pizzas, talk about our trip to Silicon Valley, network and clear out any doubts about Coinffeine…

Enough said, update your agendas:

Topic: Meetup Coinffeine.

Date: Thursday 18th December, 7:30 p.m.

Place: Impact Hub (C/ Alameda, 22, 28014 Madrid).

Sign-up is very easy!


Join: Yes!

Perfect, see you there!

Come and see the BitTorrent for your Bitcoins!

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