Hello World!

Trial Demostration
Photo: David Cid

The last 18th. of December was a great day for Coinffeine. No doubt about it! Our meetup in Madrid was supported by an exclusive and dedicated audience. For us this alone is a great success.

The event looked promising, as it was fully booked one day in advance. But you never know with these things… Luckily it materialized, and the venue at Impact Hub was packed full, something of which Coinffeine are infinitely grateful. Again we felt that support from the Bitcoin community which have followed us since the very beginning of this adventure.

Alberto, our CEO, remarked many times during his speech, that the fact that we were “at home” made the day even more special. And Madrid became the perfect place to emphasize what has marked Coinffeine’s personality as a company and as software, and that it is all about the people behind it.

Alberto, Ximo, Álvaro y Sebastián worked together in a high performance team in a previous professional adventure, and since then they have been sure that their teamwork was a safe bet. The implementation of the mathematic problem of Game Theory, which Alberto had sketched out earlier in an international publication, became the perfect excuse to get back together and create Coinffeine.

To manage the seed capital in less than 6 months, or milestones such as being the first company in the Bitcoin ecosystem with an investment from a bank, or being selected by the Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade (ICEX) as one of twelve Spanish startups with the greatest growth potential, confirm the intuitions of the founders of Coinffeine.

“This is not a here it is, this is a Hello World, soon we will be ready!” Alberto assured before Álvaro took over the demonstration. He showed the application publicly for the first time, not without some technical problems due to the internet connection, but the time was used to clear all the doubts from the audience.

Then Sebastián gave a brief but inspiring talk about Game Theory, which is the theoretical and technical base behind the Coinffeine’s protocol. The dazzling presentation was praised by many in the audience.

The ten first participants to post a tweet with the hashtag #coinffeineuser got the valued voucher that has allowed them to be the first to install the application and participate in the private testing. The experiences from this testing stage will help Coinffeine’s team of developers to make the application more efficient, fast and fun to use.

And this has been our main focus for the last days.


P.S. We share a few photos of the event and a short video.

Hello World!

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