Goodbye to an eventful 2014

Photo: GoToVan, CC BY 2.0 (Not changes made)

Throughout 2014 we have been working hard, really hard. We received the year working on Coinffeine, and even if we say goodbye in the same way, we are now starting to see how we can change the world.

Just over a year ago, the four of us had a clear commitment for the technology behind Coinffeine. At that moment the project did not even have a name. 12 months later Coinffeine is much more than a name: it is the first company to establish itself with share capital in Bitcoin, it is a team that has seen the hard work recognized and supported by the Bitcoin community and it is the materialization of our passion for programming. The protocol is changing the way financial institutions, such as pay processors, understand Bitcoin. Coinffeine is, basically, our bet.

We gave up a lot of things for Coinffeine, but we have also got a lot in return. To embark on your own project has got many implications, but today we can say that it was worthwhile. We are, without a doubt, proud to have founded Coinffeine.

We wrap up a 2014 that has been a happy year both personally and professionally. And we enter 2015 more eager than ever for Coinffeine to be a project for everybody, and to open a new important niche in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

We are sure that the next months will bring many challenges, many satisfactions, many worries, many mistakes, many things done right, many risks, many new responsibilities, many commitments and a lot of hard work! But we are also sure that all of those moments will be unforgettable and will contribute to write the history of Coinffeine and the Spanish Bitcoin movement.

Thanks for joining and supporting us during 2014 and we hope that in 2015, we are many more!

Goodbye to an eventful 2014

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