Coinffeine attracts interest in Wall Street

Wall Street
Photo: Mike Czumak, CC BY-SA 2.0 (Image crop)

We are now back from New York, and our journey has been full of interesting encounters in which we could re-confirm the great interest Coinffeine awakes in the USA. During these days we were also pleased to see the interest from NY venture capital to know more about our protocol.

In a way it is not a surprise. Even if Coinffeine was born as a market to buy and sell bitcoins in a distributed way, its potential to become the first decentralized market for financial products has also attracted interest on Wall Street.

During the first days of our stay, Alberto attended the market accelerator program organized by VentureOutNY. There we had the opportunity to participate in an attractive Investor Round Robin with the leading venture capital funds of the city. In addition, we attempted to get the most out of the inspiring work sessions and workshops we were attending. We got to learn a lot about the reality of this enchanting city, essential stepping-stone in the world of Fintech.

After these first intense days, we made our own schedule. The up front work to organize meetings that we did not want to miss was very useful, but once there we had to rearrange our schedule to accommodate many more.

As we like to do whenever we travel to a new city, we prioritized meetings with the local Bitcoin community. We were able to meet almost the entire Bitcoin industry based in New York, which is something that serves as inspiration, learning and always motivates new synergies.

Being in the Big Apple as a Bitcoin start-up, the BitLicense is an inevitable and recurring theme. Coinffeine were interested in getting first-hand knowledge of the entire process and therefore we organized meetings with the regulators. We hope that by properly understanding the vision of the regulators in NY, it will allow us to move forward with political parties and experts on the regulation of Bitcoin in Spain.

Back in Madrid, we bring all this learning, stimulating encounters and valuable contacts. Most importantly, however, we are more eager than ever that Coinffeine continues this path. A path that we are building step by step.

Definitely, it has been a new breath of inspiration that will motivate us to continue programming.

Coinffeine attracts interest in Wall Street

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