Coinffeine brings Bitcoin to the Mobile World Congress

Photo: 4YFN

Coinfeine is in Barcelona these days. The Catalan capital is host to the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the startup event 4 Years From Now (4YFN), and we have been invited to be part of the ICEX stand in the event.

Without a doubt it is a great opportunity to attract new attention for our distributed Bitcoin exchange in front of a national and international audience that visits the capital of mobile phones these days. Coinffiene is proud to be one of the few Spanish Bitcoin companies that participates, and we have got attention for the possible union between banks and Bitcoin that our protocol makes possible. When it was made public that the large Spanish bank Bankinter is our partner, nobody will be surprised that we are working for other Spanish banks to do similar agreements.

We started off the fair last Monday with a workshop about Bitcoin in the 4YFN program. Together with Jorge Ordovás, from Foro de Economía Digital and José Ramón Morales, from Garrigues, our CEO Alberto carried out a workshop called “Bitcoin, the next (r)evolution”. The workshop wanted to transmit a simple message: Bitcoin exists because we need a something similar to cash on the Internet. The interest for the workshop exceeded our expectations and it was one of the 9 that was fully booked before the fair started. After a small game with paper wallets and a talk about new payment systems like the VISA card rechargeable with bitcoins from Xapo, we used the occasion to explain and show how Coinffeine works. And once again, we could confirm it did not disappoint.

4YFN WorkshopDuring the rest of the first day our stand was full of activity. Being a reference for Bitcoin startups in Spain, we received visits from all kind of people that kept us busy practically all the time. Most of our visitors wanted to meet the team behind one of the most talked startups these days. And the second day we had the same experience.

We are enthusiastic about this event. Being invited to other international events like the Silicon Valley Forum in San Francisco or CoinSummit in London, the Mobile World Congress is the first Spanish-based large event we have attended. It will not be the last.

So if you happen to be in Barcelona come and visit our stand! Get to know how Coinffeine works and how our business plan includes banks in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We are thrilled to share our experiences.


Coinffeine brings Bitcoin to the Mobile World Congress

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