Coinffeine grows and improves

Foto: Andy Rennie, CC BY-SA 2.0 (not changes made)

We are about to enter a new and significant phase in our work: the interaction between Coinffeine‘s future users and our application. For this, Coinffeine’s team grows. We incorporate a UX professional with a profile that has conquered us. Over the coming weeks we will work to ensure that the user experience of everyone that downloads the application is, from the first second, as pleasant and attractive as possible.

From our own personal experience in the use of applications, we know the usability and design are aspects of maximum importance. Too often it is not taken serious enough, which creates dissatisfaction with the users. Coinffeine is aware of this. We do not want to fall into the widespread mistake and neglect usability and design, simply because we do not want to disappoint the expectations placed on us.

We understand that users wants to find the application intuitive, that it confers ease of use and functionality, agility and speed, in a sleek and visually appealing design that will make the use of Coinffeine a fun, enjoyable, fluid, smooth and practical experience. And that’s exactly what we want to achieve!

We have intense hours of work ahead, but with a substantial reward:

A better and improved Coinffeine!

Coinffeine grows and improves

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