Coinffeine attends the Digital Currency Summit in Madrid, Spain

Photo: Roberto Taddeo, CC BY 2.0, (Not changes made)

Madrid, our home city, will host the Digital Currency Summit (DCS) tomorrow, an event that the organizers describe as “the gathering point for banks, governments and investors to debate about Cryptocurrencies”. Coinffeine does not want to miss it!

DCS is a unique event organized by banks and for banks, which it is not a precedent but a symptom. Spain is home to some of the world’s largest banks and financial institutions that have greater interest in developing new products with Bitcoin. The B2B in Spain is possible, and the DCS conference is one of the best places to meet the protagonists of this ecosystem.

The event will be attended by banks and companies from Spain like BBVA, Banco Santander and Banco Sabadell and international names such as UBS, Lloyds Banking Group, Fidor Bank, Accenture, Rabobank, Osborne & Clarke and Rakuten, to mention a few. In addition the event will also be attended by leading Bitcoin companies such as Blockchain, Circle, KncMiner and MeXBT.

A lot of news to share

The one-day event will analyse the Bitcoin´s legislative and legal framework, its overall impact and its integration in the banking system, a framework in which Coinffeine has a lot to say. We are one of the few Bitcoin startups with a product that fits the banks’ business models and that has managed to gain their trust and confidence. After closing our private Trial program and finalizing the details of the next launch of our Technical Preview version, we have a lot of news to share.

It is expected that many of the conversations revolve around the recently published binding response of the Spanish Tax Agency which states that Bitcoin is not encumbered with the Value Added Tax (VAT) when used as means of payment or donation.

Coinffeine will attend as audience to listen and share experiences with speakers and attendees about our work with Spanish banks; what products and services are being created around our protocol, our experienes meeting with regulators in New York and the progress with the Spanish politicians after attending the debates in the Spanish Congress on the process of Bitcoin regulation in Spain.

Coinffeine wants to congratulate Alex Puig, executive director of the event, which has successfully transformed charisma and talent into a unique event of its kind.

In addition, Puig is also the organizer of Blockchain and Digital Currencies Workshop at the European Commission, where Coinffeine has been invited as a speaker. So our CEO Alberto will be in Brussels on Monday April 27th to participate in this important event. He will, along with Fidor Bank, discuss emerging partnerships being developed between the Bitcoin ecosystem and banking in a panel entitled ” Why Banks Should (not) be afraid by cryptocurrencies – experience from an early adopter bank”.

Coinffeine attends the Digital Currency Summit in Madrid, Spain

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