Download the Coinffeine Technical Preview version

Photo: GotCredit, CC BY 2.0, (Not changes made)

The Technical Preview version of our P2P Bitcoin exchange is here!

If you are interested in testing the first P2P Bitcoin automatic exchange, you only need to download our application and, once installed, start buying and selling bitcoins with other Coinffeine users.

This version is intended to enable independent users and banks to try the application at an early stage, integrate it into their services and operate as Bitcoin exchanges. Although the Coinffeine Technical Preview is fully functional, we decided to go step by step in this early stage, and distributed a version that is configured to be used on a Testnet or test blockchain. In this way, the users can try it without spending money and eliminate any risks.

To test the platform, you only have to download the application from our website. Just as you do not need to register to use BitTorrent, you do not need to register or provide any identification to use Coinffeine. You just install it and use it.

This new version introduces our new user interface, it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and for the first time in a P2P exchange, users can experience an automatic, secure and without arbitrators exchange similar to that offered by traditional exchanges, as in Bitstamp or Coinbase, but with all the advantages of the P2P.

Coinffeine’s intention is to combine the concept of a wallet and exchange in the same product. It is a concept we believe have a great potential, and therefore we leave the following steps to the imagination.

Coinffeine is a desktop application that works as a wallet, which allows to store bitcoins safely, and to connect an OKPay account -a payments processor similar to PayPal- to buy and sell bitcoins with other users.

In addition, with Coinffeine you do not have send your bitcoins to a platform to operate, as in Bitstamp, but they remain at all times in your wallet and only you have control over them.

Download our app now and discover why Coinffeine is “the BitTorrent for your bitcoins”!

Download the Coinffeine Technical Preview version

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