How to configure your AdvCash account in Coinffeine

  1. Login into your advcash account and go to “Your name” 1

  2. Then go to “API and SCI for developers”2

  3. Go to “Create new API”3

  4. Give a name to your API, check all the boxes and use as your IP, then “save”4

  5. You will see this screen. It is important that you do not click on confirm at this point. Go check your email5

  6. You will receive this email, click on “confirm” and then go back to the previous tab6

  7. Now you can safely click on confirm7

  8. Then go to your Coinffeine desktop app and click on the logo next to “PAYMENT PROCESSOR”8

  9. Fill the gaps with the information required, press test and finally press Apply. Make sure you are verified if you click on “verified account”9

  10. If you don’t remember the information, you can look for it at your advcash account where you set it10

  11. Finally, to send some bitcoin to your coinffeine wallet, go to wallet and click on “copy address”11