Coinffeine and its first days out there

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker, CC BY 2.0, (Not changes made)

As you know the Coinffeine’s Technical Preview has been ready for download from our website a few days now. As we explained on the download page, the opinion of the community is very important to us. All feedback and suggestions made by early Coinffeine users are analysed in detail by our developers, and where appropriate introduced in our roadmap of changes to be implemented.

The truth is that the answers received from the community so far, have exceeded our expectations. In just two days the application was downloaded more than 600 times, operations of purchase / sale have been recorded more than 2,000 times and we had more than 1,300 visits to our website. Specialized media such as Bitcoin Magazine, CryptoCoinsNews and Digital Money Times picked up the story, and in Spanish it was reports in, Sobre Bitcoin y Cripto Noticias. And even in Russia the launch of our Technical Preview had great impact after being published in Bit Новости. There is no doubt that the interest in our application motivates us to work tirelessly to develop Coinffeine so it becomes the distributed Bitcoin exchange the community expects and needs.

During these days of incessant activity in Coinffeine, where our development team has worked tirelessly to improve and implement difficult technical aspects, it has been a great help and a great honor to have the feedback from Mike Hearn.

Hearn opened a thread on Reddit just few hours after our launch. He wrote: “Primary things to notice: the app is genuinely as P2P as possible for this design, and the user interface is very nicely done. They got a professional UI designer on board and you can see the huge improvement from earlier versions”.

It is a valuable reward to read this about our application, when the person behind these opinions is one of the most recognized developers in the Bitcoin ecosystem. But it is also a great responsibility, because it makes us even more aware of the enormous expectations placed on Coinffeine. Expectations that we do not only aim to satisfy, but to overcome.

We would like to thank the public reception of Coinffeine’s first days out there. And we would like you to know that our great little team works tirelessly to ensure that the first distributed Bitcoin exchange offers a unique and incomparable P2P exchange. And for that, your participation is crucial.

Have you already downloaded our app? Do you have any feedback or suggestions? What impressions do you have? Just tell us. Send an email to All your comments will make from Coinffeine a better platform for all.

Coinffeine and its first days out there